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GATE certified teachers in all grades to provide ongoing engaging opportunities for students to explore interdisciplinary connections across content areas.  Our teachers carefully design and select curriculum that challenges students to reflect on their reading through writing and discussion.  Students develop skills in research, literary analysis and interpretation, persuasive writing, linguistic competency, and oral communication, as well as selected elements of reasoning through the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  In addition, teachers align arts integration with common core standards to build in-depth knowledge of content.  


Dual Language Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP)

Interested families have the option of enrolling their students in one of two strands within the school:  GATE cluster and, or MIP.  Students are committed to a seven year program and accepted in kindergarten to develop proficiency in Mandarin and English by the end of 6th grade. 

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Science Labs

K-6 students visit our on-site NGSS hands-on labs throughout the school year.  Teachers set up experiments in our lab to ensure interactive and in-depth learning opportunities. 


Arts Integration

K-6 teachers collaborate with teaching artists to develop interactive arts-focused lessons in a variety of content areas.  Each grade level will have a different arts integration focus each trimester. 


Extended Day Tutoring

Tutoring is offered before and/or after school for different grade levels which provide teachers with an opportunity to reteach and preteach material to students. It is also a time for homework assistance and academic support.