Chess Program

Welcome to the William Land Elementary Chess Club’s webpage.

Chess Club Coach: Mr. Raul Esparza



The chess club usually meets in the library, teaches all interested children the rules, strategies, and procedures of Chess. The game of chess builds higher level thinking and creativity. Class is held after school from 5:15 pm until 6:00 pm on most Wednesdays.

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2018 Sacramento Elementary School Championship January 27, 2018 Results

William Land won 1st place in the K-6 Team section.

William Land Elementary – Chess Club Rules and Moves

William Land Elementary Chess Club wants all of its members to have fun playing chess. Here is a list of club rules and a section on how the pieces move. Later, we will have sections on more advanced concepts such as tactics and strategies.

  • Always treat each other with courtesy and respect.
  • Never say anyone’s chess move is dumb.
  • Do not suggest moves for other players unless they ask for your help.
  • Your move is completed when you take your hand off of the piece.
  • For ladder and tournament games, once you touch a piece, you are required to move it unless there are no legal moves available with it.
  • United States Chess Federation
  • Sacramento Chess Club